Use of Sign Language

Use of Sign Language

Many people believe that Sign Language is exclusively used by the Deaf, but were you aware that signs and manual communication are widely employed in various other leisure activities? In the world of scuba diving, a system of signed gestures is utilised to convey instructions, navigate, identify different species of fish, and communicate potential hazards to fellow divers. In addition to this universal code, while individuals with normal hearing may encounter difficulties conversing underwater, at considerable distances, or when separated by glass barriers, Sign Language enables the seamless exchange of information as long as there is a direct line of sight. Acquire the knowledge of Sign Language alongside your partner or friends, and open up the opportunity to engage in underwater conversations, communicate over extended distances, or converse through glass, all without the need to catch your breath!

Illustration by: Kenneth Chin (Canlaken), Year 2023.
Commissioned by The Singapore Association for the Deaf.

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