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SADeaf is one of the touch points for Assistance Technology Assessment

Services provided by SADeaf are listed in the Enabling Guide. Refer to the link for more info.

Donations to Singapore School for the Deaf

Singapore School for the Deaf (SSD) was established in 1963 to provide primary level education to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children.  It was closed in December 2017. The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) is grateful for all the support that the community has given to the school over the few decades.  We are especially heartened by the generous donations that we have received to support the school programmes and needy students of the school.

With the closure of SSD, we have remaining funds from various donors. We would like to channel the remaining funds to another school under our association, Mountbatten Vocational School (MVS).  MVS was established in 1975 to provide vocational training to youths with various learning disabilities. It is an ITE Approved Training Centre and currently it serves 80 students, providing them with training in F&B Services, Food Preparation and Housekeeping.  The objective of the programme is to help the students learn relevant skills and be ready for employment.

Donors may reclaim the monies they have donated to SSD or give input to SADeaf’s intention to re-channel the donated funds to MVS by 30 September 2019.  If donors would like to seek a refund, please provide us with supporting documents such receipts from the school or the association.

Martin Marini


The Singapore Association for the Deaf


Dear Members,


Notice is hereby given that the 64thAnnual General Meeting of the Singapore Association for the Deaf will be held on Saturday, 24th August 2019 at 3.00pm at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Singapore Association for the Deaf, 227 Mountbatten Road, Singapore 397998.

Members may submit in writing to the Honorary Secretary, not later than Monday, 22nd July 2019, any resolutions, motions for amendment of rules and any other matters to be included in the Agenda. Submissions must be made either by hand or by post to the Honorary Secretary at the registered address of the Singapore Association for the Deaf. Any submissions by email or fax will not be accepted.


We would like to inform you that the following officers of the Executive Council of the Singapore Association for the Deaf shall be elected at the 64th Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 24th August 2019 at 3.00pm:

• President
• Vice-President (4 Positions)
• Honorary Secretary
• Honorary Assistant Secretary
• Honorary Treasurer
• Honorary Assistant Treasurer
• Council Member (10 Positions)

We have posted out to our members with the nomination form and a self-addressed envelope for your use if you wish to nominate suitable candidate(s) for the above-mentioned position(s). Nomination by members must be made in the prescribed Nomination Form. Original nomination forms must reach the Honorary Secretary, not later than 22nd July 2019.

All nominations must be proposed and seconded by Ordinary and Life members of the Association. Nominated members must also give their written consent to stand for election, as well as fill in the ‘’Declaration of Eligibility for Executive Council Membership’’ form.

All nomination submissions must be made either by hand or by post to the Honorary Secretary at the registered address of the Singapore Association for the Deaf. Any submissions by email or fax will not be accepted.

All members nominated to stand for election must be present at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 24th August 2019. Should a nominated member be unable to attend, a written letter of acceptance to be nominated must be given to the Honorary Secretary before the Annual General Meeting.

By order of the Executive Council

Wong Ee Kean

Honorary Secretary

SgSL Sign Bank

We’re looking forward for 2 Deaf participants to assist in the research and construction of the online Singapore Sign Language Dictionary.

If you have any queries or are interested, please contact Hidayat Khalid, Research Linguist at or 9843 2617.

SADeaf Hotline

Good news, The Singapore Association for the Deaf is launching the hotline service. This service is meant for the deaf community to make enquiry, appointment or any related matters.

You can either make one of the following ways:
– Skype ID : SADeaf hotline
– Whatsapp no 96885091

Please note that the service is operating only on weekdays from 8.30am to 5.30pm (avoid lunch hours from 1pm to 2pm).

Click here for a video clip.

Thank you.

My In My Lifetime?

Hi friends,

I’m inviting everyone to the play “Not in my lifetime?”.

Though I wrote the play, it isn’t mine. It belongs as much to the all-giving director (Beng Tian), the marvelous cast, as well as the unsung production and backend crew. 

And this play owes equally much to the special people in the special education field who made everything happen – the stories, the relationships, the inspirations and, for me, the compulsion to do justice to them. 

So thank you, and thank you – parents, students and fellow special education teachers. This is for you.

Alvan Yap


p/s: If you’re currently a special education teacher in a special education school, there’s a ticketing offer – specially for you. Please check with your school admin next week.

And for this play, we also hope to draw in people, especially those with disability, who have never gone to the theatre before. We have tried to make the show as accessible as possible – wheelchair access, guide-dog access, audio description, relaxed performances, and closed captioning are provided.  

Find out more via the links below. 

Get tickets here:


The Singapore Association for the Deaf Executive Director Sylvia Teng steps down

The Executive Council of the Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) wishes to announce that Ms Sylvia Teng has stepped down from her position as Executive Director and relinquished her appointment with effect from 10 Jan 2019 to pursue other interests. SADeaf has commenced the search for a new Executive Director. In the interim, Mr Ernest Toh, Administrator of the Mountbatten Vocational School operated by SADeaf, will cover her duties until a new Executive Director has been appointed. 

SADeaf would like to thank Ms Teng for her services to the Association and her invaluable contributions to the community. Ms Teng first joined SADeaf as a volunteer on its Executive Council, serving as Honorary Secretary, and was appointed Executive Director in 2016.  Since her appointment, she led her team to organise and deliver many activities and programmes for our Deaf and Hard-of-hearing members, clients, friends and supporters and created greater public awareness of our Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community.

“It has been an honour for me to serve as SADeaf’s Executive Director for the last three years. I truly value the opportunity to work alongside like-minded colleagues who are dedicated to improve SADeaf’s services and programmes. I have achieved what I set out to do and I believe it is now the right time for me to step down to pursue my own interests.” said Ms Teng.

“On behalf of the Executive Council, we are very grateful for her contributions to SADeaf for the past three years as an Executive Director. We would like to thank her for her commitments and wish her success in her future endeavours,” said President Martin Marini.

Tan Li Zhen
Manager, Fundraising & Volunteer Management
Corporate Affairs (CA)
The Singapore Association for the Deaf
Tel: (65) 6344 8274 Ext 23

NOTICE – Announcement of Operating Hours during Chinese New Year

Please be informed that our Operating Hours will be as follows:
Monday, 4 February 2019 (Eve of Chinese New Year) – 8.30am – 12.30pm

Normal operating hours will resume from Thursday, 7 February 2019.
Night office will resume on Wednesday, 13 February 2019.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Operating hours on Wednesday, 26 December 2018 and Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Please be informed that our office will be closed at 5.30 pm on the above mentioned dates.

Change in service fees (Interpretation and Notetaking)

Due to rising operational costs, The Singapore Association of the Deaf (SADeaf) will formally introduce changes to the existing service rates that have remained the same for over 20 years.

The change will take effect from April 2019.

Prevailing rates:

Service requested from Fee
per hour
Minimum hours
| Minimum Fee
Affiliates (such as SSD and MVS) $10 3 hours | $30
SADeaf Staff
Registered Client
Registry of Marriages $10 2 hours | $20
Voluntary Welfare Organisations $20 2 hours | $40
Government Boards $30 2 hours | $60
State/Family Court
Syariah Court
Unregistered Individual
Tourist $50 2 hours | $100


New Rates:

Service requested from Minimum Fee for first 2 hours Fee for subsequent 30min blocks
Affiliates (such as SSD and MVS) $20 $5 per 30min
SADeaf Staff
Registered Client
Voluntary Welfare Organisations $60 $15 per 30min
Institutes of Higher Learning (New Category) $80 $20 per 30min
Medical (New Category)
Government Boards & Agencies
Syariah Court
Unregistered Individual
Tourist $100 $25 per 30min