Deaf Awareness Programme


The Deaf Awareness Programme (DAP) aims to provide the general community, organisations, businesses, schools and service providers with appropriate and relevant information about sign language, Deaf culture, deaf people and communication and accessibility issues faced by the Deaf.


This programme covers the following topics:

  •  Deaf culture and community
  •  Language and communication strategies
  •  Issues/barriers that Deaf people face
  •  Working with someone who is Deaf
  •  Accessibility for deaf people
  •  Support services available
  • Basic SgSL and alphabet fingerspelling


Programmes Available

One-Hour Talk: This programme aims to provide an introduction to deafness and basic information on communicating with deaf people.
Two-Hour Talk: This programme will clarify some of the myths and misconceptions about deafness and provide information about the Deaf community. Participants will also receive practical information on communicating with deaf people.
Three-Hour Talk: This programme aims to provide appropriate and relevant information about deafness in general, and about deaf and hard-of-hearing people.


Deaf Awareness Programme (DAP) Duration Course Fee Min/Max participants
One-hour Talk 1 hour Internal – $120 for 10 pax*
External – $140 for 10 pax*
Min: 10 pax
Max:  50
Two-hour Talk 2 hours Internal – $150 for 10 pax*
External – $170 for 10 pax*
Mn:10 pax
Max; 50 pax
Three-hour talk 3 hours Internal – $200 for 10 pax
External – $220 for 10 pax
Min: 10
Max: 50
Assembly Talks (for schools only) Up to 2 hours $500 per session School cohort
*Note :- There is an extra cost of $10 per pax from the 11th participant onwards. It applies to both internal and external courses.


Key Outcomes
You will:

  •  Gain insight into the inner workings of Deaf people and the Deaf community and the diverse people within it
  •  Gain confidence and knowledge about Deaf issues and support services available
  •  Build understanding that promotes positive communication and experiences
  •  Deepen your understanding of how access for Deaf people can be improved


Note that if the number of students exceed 10, an additional charge per session applies up to a maximum of 50 persons.

Course Cost
Course costs vary according to the programme which best meets your needs. We can customise the training to fit with your organisational requirements. The classes can be conducted at any time during working hours according to your organisation needs, and can be held at your place or at the SADeaf premises. For classes outside of SADeaf, travel expenses may be charged.

For more information or queries, please contact us.