Sign Language Interpretation

Sign language interpretation is a core service run by DAS for our Deaf clients who depend on sign language to access information and help with communication. Our staff interpreters sign and interpret in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL), Pidgin Sign English (PSE), Signing Exact English (SEE), or a combination of the above.

Our staff interpreters also have extensive interpreting experience in a diverse range of settings – at schools, law courts, corporate workshops, government functions among other places and events. All our interpreters follow a professional code of ethics, which includes appropriate conduct when on official duty and safeguarding clients’ privacy.

If our full-time interpreters are fully booked, we may also assign an interpreter from our pool of community interpreters.

Interpretation Service Rates

Below are the rates for interpretation services.

Service requested from Minimum Fee for first 2 hours Fee for subsequent 30min blocks
Affiliates (such as MVS) $20 $5 per 30min
SADeaf Staff
Registered Client
Voluntary Welfare Organisations $60 $15 per 30min
Institutes of Higher Learning (New Category) $80 $20 per 30min
Medical (New Category)
Government Boards & Agencies
Syariah Court
Unregistered Individual
Tourist $100 $25 per 30min

Terms and Conditions for Interpretation Service

  1. Requests for interpretation services should be made on the standard form available for download. Hard copies can be obtained from SADeaf
  2. Requestors shall be required to attach any relevant documents/materials in the submission of Application form. SADeaf shall reserve the right to reject applications without supporting documents/materials
  3. Requestors shall be advised to submit their requests at least seven days in advance. A levy of S$30.00 may be imposed for request given at short notice
  4. Requestors shall inform SADeaf on the preferred sign system and/or spoken language(s) used by the Deaf and/or Hearing clients(s) where possible
  5. Interpreters shall not be obliged to wait for more than an hour for the client upon arrival at the assigned location. If the client did not turn up, the minimum interpretation charge shall still be chargeable
  6. Cancellation of service shall be done at least one working day prior to the assignment
  7. Actual billable duration of service will be rounded up to the next 30 minutes.For example, if service is provided for 2 hours 10 minutes, it will be billed as 2 hrs 30 mins of service.
  8. If the interpretation service were cancelled less than two hours before the appointed time, the minimum interpretation charge shall still be chargeable
  9. All requests shall be processed within three working days. However, the interpreter assigned shall be made known to the requestor only three days prior to the appointed date
  10. Invoice shall be mailed to the requestor upon completion of the interpretation service
  11. SADeaf may reasonably reject a request or withdraw an application with a written notice at least three working days prior to the appointed date
  12. SADeaf may reasonably alter or amend the Terms & Conditions and the interpretation charges at any time at its own discretion with prior notice upon receipt of request

*The minimum billable hours policy is to cover the overhead costs of activating a service provider to deliver the service. Such costs include professional fees, operational and administrative costs, transport and other invisible expenses incurred.

(Last updated: 24 April 2019)