SADeaf offers a notetaking service for Deaf and hard-of-hearing clients which was launched in May 2014 and it is managed by Deaf Access Services (DAS).

We have a pool of notetakers to draw from, and who are deployed mostly to clients studying in institutes of higher learning such as ITEs, polytechnics and universities. Notetakers are carefully matched to clients based on their skill-sets and background.

Standard Rates for Notetaking Services

The below rates are our service charges, unless there is a pre-existing contract between SADeaf and the requesting entity.


With effect from Wednesday, 1 November 2023, the regular rates will also apply to public holidays and on the eve of public holidays.

Services will still be charged at 1.5 times the listed rates for service hours rendered between 12 midnight and 7am.

Terms and Conditions for Notetaking Service

  1. Requests for Notetaking services shall be made on the standard Online Notetaking Service Form from the Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) for the first request. Subsequent requests can be done via email communication.
  2. For assignments that are foreseen to be intense or longer than 2 hours, at least two notetakers should be activated to prevent physical and mental fatigue and to maintain accuracy in meaning.
  3. Notetakers are obliged only to take notes in the presence of the client.
  4. Clients shall be required to send the Notetaker any relevant documents/materials before the class/event. Materials may include: Emcee Script(s), Guest-of-Honour speech, event programme details, Minutes of the meeting, Agenda, Course materials, lesson notes, or any other description. SADeaf shall reserve the right to reject applications without supporting documents/materials.
  5. For batch requests, requesters are advised to submit their requests two weeks before the start of the study term. For ad hoc requests, requesters are advised to submit their requests at least seven days in advance. This is to allow sufficient time for us to allocate Notetakers.
  6. Services will be charged at 1.5 times the listed rates for service hours rendered between 12 midnight and 7am.
  7. Late bookings: A $30 levy will be chargeable for requests made within 3 working days before the date of requested service. Requestors are further advised to book at least 7 days before the actual event to allow adequate preparation time for the interpreter.
  8. Late cancellations (24 hours): For cancellations made less than 24 hours from start time of requested service, a $10 Levy will be chargeable.
  9. Late cancellations (2 hours): For cancellations made less than two hours from start of requested service, the minimum interpretation charge shall still be chargeable.
  10. No shows: Interpreters shall not be obliged to wait for more than an hour for the client upon arrival at the assigned location. If the client did not turn up, the minimum notetaking charge shall still be chargeable. However, should the client inform the notetaker within the hour after the requested start time, the Notetaker shall wait and carry on Notetaking service in the client’s presence thereafter.
  11. A change in time and date to an existing booking is considered a New Request. A levy charge of $30 will be imposed if the change then results in it needing to be fulfilled within 3 working days as notetakers may need to be reallocated.
  12. All requests shall be processed within three working days. However, the notetaker assigned shall be made known to the requester only three days prior to the appointed date.
  13. An invoice shall be mailed to the requester upon completion of the notetaking service.
  14. SADeaf may reject a request or withdraw an application with a written notice at least three working days prior to the appointed date.
  15. Actual billable duration of service will be rounded up to the next 30 minutes. For example, if notetaking is provided for 2 hours 10 minutes, it will be billed as 2 hrs 30 mins of service.
  16. Requests for different modules/subjects/nature of lessons (lectures/tutorials/practicals) will be considered as separate requests.
  17. SADeaf may alter or amend the Terms & Conditions and the notetaking charges at any time at its own discretion with prior notice.

*The minimum billable hours policy is to cover the overhead costs of activating a service provider to deliver the service. Such costs include professional fees, operational and administrative costs, transport and other invisible expenses incurred.

(Last updated: 25 January 2024)


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