Judy Lim, Executive Director

Judy Lim joined SADeaf as Executive Director on 14 June 2019. Judy holds a Bachelor of Arts (NUS) and a Bachelor of Science (Brandon University, Canada). She also has a Diploma in Education (NIE). Judy started her career in teaching and subsequently joined the social service sector. She has been working in the social service sector for the past 32 years, of which 16 years were in the executive director roles with various social service agencies. As Executive Director, she oversaw the day-to-day running of the organisations ensuring that compliance and best practices were being adopted, and the vision and mission of the organisations were being aligned strategically. Her broad spectrum of educational qualifications and social service experiences prepared her with specific skill sets for nurturing and mentoring personnel, understanding the demands of running social service agencies, and the ability and readiness to take on any challenges faced.

Alvan Yap, Deputy Director

Alvan Yap joined SADeaf as Deputy Director on 2 September 2019. He has a Bachelor of Arts (NUS) and a Diploma in Special Education (NIE). Over the past 20 years, Alvan has worked in a diverse range of fields. He was a teacher of the deaf in the special education line; had undertaken writing, editing and research work in the publishing industry; took on visual and playwriting projects in the arts/theatre sphere; and has experience in the social services sector in disability advocacy, corporate communications and policy formulation.

Please click here to download the staff organisation chart for an enlarged view.


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