Itinerant Support Service

The move towards full home-based learning comes with additional difficulties for our children with hearing loss. As such, we have put together some tips to help your child better access to online learning. You may wish to share this with your child’s teachers and other parents of children with hearing loss, to ensure that in this trying time, our children with hearing loss get the accessibility they require too.

Should there be anything ISS could help with, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Take care and stay healthy!

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The Itinerant Support Service (ISS) serves students with hearing loss (who are Singaporean citizens or Permanent Residents) in mainstream schools. To achieve better integration of students with hearing loss into schools and the community, we work with their families, schools and the community.

We empower families with the appropriate skills and knowledge to nurture their children with hearing loss, so that they will gain confidence, independence and are better integrated into society. We also strive to increase awareness and acceptance of the public on the capabilities and potential of individuals with hearing loss. In addition, ISS organizes other activities such as WOW! Camp, talks, workshops and other school holiday programmes.

Social Work

Our social workers and case managers provide services such as information and referral, case management, counselling, financial assistance and also make school visits.

Learning Support

Students receive one-to-one learning intervention. Our ISS – Learning Support Educators work with students to enhance their language, mathematical and cognitive skills.

Speech Therapy

Students receive one-to-one learning intervention. Our Speech and Language Therapists work with students to improve and enhance their listening and articulation skills.