Deaf Education Courses (SPED)

Training Courses on Deaf Education and Deaf Awareness

Educators of the Deaf attending the Bilingual Bicultural Approach module under the Certificate in Teaching Students with Hearing Loss by the National Institute of Education in November 2020


In 2013, the Ministry of Education adopted the Bilingual Bicultural Approach as the means of instruction for  Deaf children in Singapore. A Bilingual Bicultural or Bi-Bi deaf education program uses Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) as the native, or first, language of Deaf children, and English is learnt as a second language. The bicultural aspect of Bi-Bi education emphasises Deaf culture and strives to create confidence in deaf students by exposing them to the Deaf community and its language.

For a child to benefit from the cognitive advantages of bilingualism, the development of both languages needs to be nourished in all social and academic interactions. A developmental bilingual programme addresses the social and academic language needs of diverse deaf learners while also providing instruction in content areas.

As the Bilingual Bicultural Approach aims to develop proficiency in two languages, this requires deliberate and careful planning in the use of the two languages. The effective use of bilingual practices are based on the planned allocation of the two languages in the classroom, where teachers select and establish bilingual practices and strategies regarding the students’ linguistic skills, as well as the content at hand.


The Deaf Awareness Courses provide  appropriate and relevant information about sign language, Deaf culture, Deaf people, as well as communication and accessibility issues faced by the Deaf. The topics include:

  • Deaf culture and community
  • Language and communication strategies
  • Issues/barriers that Deaf people face
  • Accessibility for Deaf people
  • Basic SgSL and alphabet fingerspelling

Courses on Deaf Education and Deaf Awareness are listed below. Each module will run when a minimum number of 8 participants is reached.

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