ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance)

ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance) refers to the framework which considers activities in the areas of environmental, social and governance and is part of the organisation’s strategy. At SADeaf, we have striven to adopt good ESG practices in the following ways.

Environmental: SADeaf has made efforts in managing energy efficiency, water and
electricity conservation and general recycling. Among the measures implemented:
Phased out usage of disposable cutlery; transition of hardcopy print publications to
online/digital-only format for newsletter (Signal) and annual reports; accepting donations
of used furniture instead of purchasing new items; and placing a recycling collection
point on the premises.

Social: SADeaf is a social service organisation. Over the past 68 years, it has carried
out many programmes to provide social support for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing
community, as well as expanding its scope to serve students with various special
educational needs under its affiliated school, Mountbatten Vocational School. Initiatives
relating to employee safety and health as well as working conditions, diversity, and
engagement were also considered and implemented. SADeaf has an Employee
Assistance Programme in partnership with Singapore Anglican Community Services for
staff who seek external support in counselling.

Governance: SADeaf obtained the Charity Transparency Award 2023 and was a
finalist for the Charity Governance Award 2022, SADeaf is continually working on
strengthening its cybersecurity and management structure, and also regularly reviews
its Standard Operating Procedures and policies pertaining to financial, human
resources, information technology and privacy protection matters among others. It also
abides by the Governance Evaluation Checklist (GEC) guidelines in the Code of
Governance for Charities and IPCs by the Commissioner of Charities.

Clients, staff and volunteers doing beach clean-up at East Coast Park on 26 November 2022 and collected 126kg of trash


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