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Our services

The following are the services we offer to our deaf or hard-of-hearing clients. Others like Interpretation, Notetaking and Sign Language courses are open to all.

Casework & Counselling

The Community Services (CS) department is where Deaf and hard-of-hearing clients and their families can turn to for assistance in various areas. Our team of social workers, case managers and social work assistants are on hand to provide a diverse range of services to clients such as personal development, family issues, coping skills, needs assessment and managing expectations.

Financial Aid & Employment Support

We facilitate the application of financial assistance schemes such as Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF), Assistive Technology Fund (ATF) and Special Assistance Fund (SAF). We also provide job placement assistance such as job matching and career guidance.

Learning Support & Speech Therapy

Learning Support: Provide one-to-one intervention to students with hearing loss who are currently attending mainstream schools ranging from pre-school to tertiary level. Speech therapy: Provide one-to-one intervention to enhance students' listening, articulation and language comprehension skills.

Hearing Test & Equipment Aids

Staffed by a qualified audiologist, SADeaf’s Hearing Care Centre (HCC) provides a full spectrum of hearing care-related services. Besides hearing tests and consultations, clients and members can also get their ear moulds made at the HCC and purchase batteries and other accessories at nominal rates.

Interpretation & Notetaking

Our staff interpreters have extensive interpreting experience in a diverse range of settings – at schools, law courts, corporate workshops, government functions among other places and events. We also have a pool of note-takers who are deployed mostly to clients studying in institutes of higher learning such as ITEs, polytechnics and universities. Note-takers are carefully matched to clients based on their skill-sets and background.

Sign Language Courses

We offer a range of sign language courses and customised awareness workshops/programmes. We also cater to the needs of frontline professionals such as medical staff, police, emergency and social workers.

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