Teacher of the Deaf Award 2020

Teacher of the Deaf Award 2020

Nomination Link: https://tinyurl.com/teacher-nomination-2020

About the Award

The Teacher of the Year Award is conferred annually by The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) to recognise the significant contributions of teachers of deaf* students.

*deaf denotes an individual with any level of hearing loss.


The nominees must be Singaporean.

  1. The nominee must be Singaporean.
  2. The nominee must be a full-time teacher; dedicated and willing to spare time and effort for the benefit of the deaf students in the classroom and beyond their call of duty in the previous academic year. For Primary and Secondary Schools, the previous academic year refers to the period as from January to December 2019.
  3. For Polytechnics and others the academic years varies, hence this is referred to the recent/ past academic term
  4. Only one nominee will be conferred with the “Teacher of the Year Award” every year.


Cash vouchers, a plaque and a certificate will be presented to the winners at an Award Presentation ceremony.


The nominations will be reviewed by independent Award Vetting Panel comprising a representative from SADeaf, the Deaf Community, reputable organizations in Singapore and ex-awardees. Recommendations of the Award Vetting Panel will be submitted to the Executive Council of SADeaf for approval. Once officially approved, it will be deemed final and no further objections will be entertained.

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