Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) courses for SADeaf clients

SADeaf is pleased to offer Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) courses for clients and caregivers/families.  Course subsidy is available for clients and caregivers/families who need it subject to means testing. 

Who are eligible? 

SADeaf clients and their family members/caregivers 

Subsidy amount for each applicant: 

Per capitaSubsidy
Below $1,00090%
Above $1,000 and below $2,00050% 


1. You must be a registered client of SADeaf.

2. The subsidy for clients and their family members/caregivers is offered to a maximum of four persons for each family (including Deaf client).    

3. To qualify for a subsidy, each applicant needs to pass the means test based on SADeaf’s criteria. (The SADeaf Community Service department will review your application – you may be asked to provide documentation for means testing.) 

4. After the assessment, you will be informed whether you qualify for a subsidy. If you do, you will only pay the subsidised rate for the course. The fee will be collected before the start of the course. 

5.  You must attain above 75% attendance for the course in order to get the certificate.

6. The expiry date of application is at the end of March 2021. 

If you have any enquiries, please email James Ong at