Singapore Charting Path to Phase 3

Singapore will be charting its Path to Phase 3 as it now finds itself looking forward to easing of restrictions for businesses and the wider community as the pandemic stabilises. The multidisciplinary task is charting the path to Phases 3, where Singapore will function comfortably until a vaccine is found.

✅ Here is what to expect for phase 3:

1. More employees come back to work. They follow safe management practices. They are flexible working hours, staggered reporting times, working from home and no more than half of the employees are at the workplace. 

2. Business travel is permitted for senior executives. When they return, they will have COVID-19 test and self -isolate till test results are out.  

3. Seminars, corporate retreats, and annual general meetings within the workplace will be allowed to resume as long as safe distancing measures are in place. Work-related events at external venues remain prohibited now. 

4. All religious organisations can conduct congregational and other worship services for up to 100 persons, as long as safe distancing measures are in place. 

5. For a Wedding reception, up to 100 guests including couple, but excluding vendors and service providers. The guests should be split up into groups not large than 50, or attend the wedding at separate time slots. There should be at least 30 minutes between slots for the cleaning and disinfection of the event space. 

6. Voluntary COVID19 testing of taxi and private-hire car drivers has started. More than 10.000 tested so far. Around 750 stallholders and food delivery personnel have been tested. No positive cases were reported. 

7. Legal cut-off age for children in Singapore to wear masks will be raised to six years and above, up from two years old currently.