SADeaf Services for Clients during COVID-19 Situation

SADeaf Services for Clients during COVID-19 Situation

The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) would like to remind all our clients and students from our affiliated Mountbatten Vocational School to look after yourselves and practise good hygiene during this time.

SADeaf is ready to support our Deaf and hard-of-hearing clients in the following areas:
1) Sign language Interpretation services for any client who is hospitalised or seeking medical consultation,
2) Counselling support for any affected clients and their next-of-kin (NOK) or caregivers,
3) Social services support for affected clients – financial issues eg. difficulties in paying medical bills, food and other basic necessities.

If you need such assistance or know of anyone who is in need, do contact us:

Skype ID (for video call and messaging): hotline_442
Whatsapp: 9226 7621

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