Public advisory on symbol of deafness and its usage

SADeaf was made aware of social media messages on the usage of a logo/graphic on masks to indicate deafness – this shows a stylised ear (orange) and hearing aid (blue). The message appeals to the public to share the logo/graphic to raise awareness of the issue of communication difficulties posed by masks.

1. SADeaf would like to clarify that we do not use this logo/graphic to indicate deafness/hearing loss.

When needed, SADeaf uses the International Symbol for Deafness, which can be found at

2. It is entirely up to the Deaf/deaf/hard-of-hearing individual to decide whether to indicate his/her deafness.

Some may want to inform and show the public they are deaf; others may not wish to do so. In other words, each person will have their own preference as to whether they wish to make known their deafness, and also in how they wish to communicate (via writing/typing, and/or speech, and/or signing, etc). The best way to find out is to ask the person.