Free Interpretation Service

Free Interpretation Services

SADeaf Life and Ordinary members are entitled to 20 Free Interpretation Sessions (FIS) in a year.

Note that these are applicable to personal requests to be paid by clients.
Institutes/organisations which are making the service request for their clients/students are to refer to the standard rates (see next section).

Interpretation Service Charges for SADeaf Life and Ordinary Members (per interpreter)

  1. Each FIS is limited to four continuous hours per session.
  2. $10 per hour (for hours beyond the Free Interpretation Service on the same day).
  3. For members who have used up their FIS for the year, the following standard rates apply
    • Registered Client: $10/hour, minimum payable of three hours ($30).
    • Unregistered Individual: $30/hour, minimum payable of two hours ($60).
  4. Late Booking: $30 Levy Charge.
  5. Late Cancellation: $10 Levy Charge or forfeit of one FIS (for cancellations made less than 24 hours from start time of requested service).
  6. Minimum Charge is chargeable for cancellations made less than two hours before start of requested service. If you are using FIS for this session, one FIS will be forfeited.
  7. Actual billable duration of service is rounded up to the next hour.
    For example, if service is provided for 2 hours 15 minutes, it will be billed as 3 hours of service.

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