Announcement: SADeaf frontline office reopening and continued closure of Hearing Care Centre

Dear clients and members of the public,
With reference to the announcement of a SADeaf staff being tested positive for Covid-19 on 3 October 2021, we wish to update that SADeaf has completed the cleaning of our premises by a certified vendor.

Following the authorities’ advice and in line with safety guidelines, please note:
– The SADeaf Community Service (CS) front office will reopen on Tuesday, 5 October. The SADeaf staff on duty are in a different team and do not have any contact with the affected staff.

– The Hearing Care Centre (HCC) will be closed from Tuesday, 5 October to Monday, 11 October. Clients with prior appointments will be informed. The HCC staff are placed on Leave of Absence as a precautionary measure. For queries and appointments, please contact:

– Besides the one staff who tested positive for Covid-19, all other SADeaf staff identified as contacts are currently well and placed on Leave of Absence.

We apologise for the inconvenience and look forward to serving you.

Thank you and keep safe.