The Deafblind Programme


Initiated in 2021, the Deafblind Programme aims to provide more resources and more awareness regarding the Deafblind Community. This programme provides services, such as Counselling, Case Management, Workshops and training support towards those that are Deafblind so that they can integrate and contribute to the society. 

“Deafblindness is the condition of combined sight and hearing loss that affects an individual’s capacity to access the world around them. Types of Deafblindness include total blindness and total deafness from birth, total blindness and residual hearing, total deafness and residual vision or residual hearing and vision.”

This includes allowing the DB to learn Independently, travel Independently, have a proper Education and Employment, and allow for them to be able to communicate or have social relationships.

Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) provides a number of services for people with Deafblindness.

With the support of SGenable and in partnership with Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) under SADeaf’s Community Services, SADeaf assists the distribution of Guide dogs to those in the DB community who require them, allowing for the DB to independently travel and be able to complete Activities of Daily Living. 

SADeaf provides education to individuals with Deafblindess, which helps them build confidence, expand their skills, increase their independence, and allows them to contribute to society. 

SADeaf provides necessary services like Intervenors for communication to occur between individuals who may or may not have Deafblindness.


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