Welcome to the wonderful world of sign language where you will use your hands, body and facial expressions to communicate. People use spoken and written languages to relay ideas, feelings, sentiments, share history and culture. Deaf people use sign language in the same ways.


Sign language is a general term which refers to a group of languages that are manually produced and visually understood. Signed language is natural to deaf persons who do not orientate their lives to the world of sound. It is not universal though – each nation, state or community with deaf persons will develop their unique signed language.



Courses & Programmes We Offer


We offer a range of sign language courses and customised awareness workshops/programmes. We also cater to the needs of frontline professionals such as medical staff, police, emergency and social workers.


 Singapore Sign Language Course

•  Basic Sign Communication Course

•  Deaf Awareness Programme

•  Community Course & Programme  (NEW)

•  Professional & Workplace Course  (NEW)

•  Foreign Sign Language Course



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