New resources for students with hearing loss in Beatty Secondary School

New resources for students with hearing loss in Beatty Secondary School

Extracted from the Straits Times dated 22 February 2019.

SINGAPORE – More help is at hand for Beatty Secondary School students suffering from hearing loss.

A new Hearing Loss Resource Room called D’Connect has been set up to cater to their learning needs.

The room’s resources include air-conditioning for noise reduction, a smart TV for visual learning, movable furniture and partitions so students can change seating arrangements easily and a sofa set that they can use during counselling sessions.

Beatty Secondary School is designated by the Education Ministry for students with hearing loss.

President Halimah Yacob officiated at the opening of the room on Friday (Feb 22) and noted that it was important to help students with special needs integrate into the mainstream schools.

“Integration is good for them because it helps to create self-confidence; it helps them to acquire competencies and skills which are needed when they go out to work,” said Madam Halimah.

“But for integration to take place in schools, it is important that there are investments – in resources, and particularly in training teachers who are able to deal with students with special needs.

“Creating an enabling environment for the students with special needs show that they can develop, learn with the other students (and) that’s really important.”

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