Community Courses & Programmes

We provide community course/programme on a wide range of communication needs to enhance communication at your home, school or workplace.

  • Family Sign Programme 
  • Baby Sign Programme  (COMING SOON)
  • Visual-Gestural Communication Programme  (COMING SOON)
  • One-to-One Tutoring  (COMING SOON)

Family Sign Programme 

SADeaf serves families with deaf children. We provide a variety of programmes to help every deaf and hard-of hearing-child by empowering their families with resources, services and support. The Family Sign Programme aims to improve parents’ skills in communicating with their child and to improve deaf and hard-of-hearing children’s language and literacy skills.

Baby Sign Programme  

Baby Sign Programme is designed for parents to learn key words using Singapore Sign Language for communicating with their babies and children who are hearing or deaf between two months and five years old. Babies will use all kinds of signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to “talk” to you before they can speak. Our fun and interactive signing classes teach you how to interact with your baby through daily routines, playtime, story time and music.

The eight-week Baby Sign classes imparts skills to parents in connecting in a meaningful way with their baby or toddler.

Visual Gestural Communication Programme  

Visual Gestural Communication (VGC) is a mode of communication where people do not use voice, but instead use gestures to understand each other. VGC is an integral part of Singapore Sign Language. Emphasis will be on visual and kinetic readiness via visual gestural communication techniques, visual discrimination and memory exercises. It also helps you learn how to use gestures without speaking and to experience the world of silence.

The eight-week Visual Gestural Communication classes helps develop an appreciation for VGC by learning to communicate via facial expressions, natural gestures, pantomime and other non-manual signals.

One-to-One Tutoring

We provide one-to-one tutoring to culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard-of-hearing adults in the areas of sign language learning, or to newcomers to Singapore to help learn and improve your Singapore Sign Language skills. It will teach you basic communication skills and life skills to help you adapt to living in Singapore.

To register for this programme, students must first undergo a language assessment with us. Please make an appointment by contacting us.