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SADeaf wins Charity Transparency Award 2023

For the second consecutive year, SADeaf was honoured to receive the 2023 Charity Transparency Award at the Charity Transparency and Governance Awards 2023.

Organised by the Charity Council, the Charity Transparency and Governance Awards recognises charities for their efforts in upholding governance and building public trust in the sector.

(From left) SADeaf Exco member Claire Nazar, SADeaf vice-president Valerie Tan, Minister Edwin Tong, and SADeaf vice-president Edwin Ong.

At the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on 21 November 2023, SADeaf vice-president Valerie Tan received the award on behalf of the Association.

SADeaf Charity Concert 2023 – “Hearts Can Hear”

SADeaf Charity Concert 2023 – “Hearts Can Hear”

We extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the unwavering support and love showcased at our ‘Hearts Can Hear’ Charity Concert.

We were delighted to present a spectacular variety show, led by popular local Getai artists alongside Deaf performers, who came together to deliver an entertaining and heartwarming concert experience.

A BIG thank you to our Guest of Honour, Mayor Denise Phua, exceptional donors, dedicated volunteers, outstanding performers, and hardworking staff for being the driving force behind the success of this event!

Your unwavering support and dedication have truly created a lasting impact and brought boundless joy to many. 🙏🎶


Kindly visit this link to view our Concert Photos:

SADeaf Gala Dinner 2023 – “Signs Will Shine”

🌟 SADeaf Gala Dinner 2023 – “Signs will Shine” 🌟

What a night to remember! From the elegant decor to the heartwarming speeches and dazzling performances, every moment was filled with joy and meaning.

A heartfelt thank you to our donors, esteemed guests Mr Edwin Tong and Mr Lim Biow Chuan, dedicated volunteers, and hardworking staff.

Your earnest support, generosity, and commitment have made an incredible difference. We are immensely grateful for your presence and contributions!

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. 🙏


Kindly visit this link to view our Gala Dinner Photos:

SADeaf’s 68 Anniversary Charity Car Wash and Carnival

We had an incredible time at SADeaf’s 68th Anniversary Charity Car Wash and Carnival event held on 27th and 28th May. The event was a great success, thanks to the overwhelming support from our generous sponsors, dedicated volunteers, and enthusiastic participants.

We were thrilled to have the Burger King team on board as one of our corporate partners and sponsors. They not only provided Burger King vouchers but also rolled up their sleeves to join the car washing activities alongside volunteers from Wonderful Sounds for All and Youth For Causes(YFC). Rimbunan Kuasa played a vital role by sponsoring Autoglym car wash shampoos, towels, and pails, as well as conducting informative demonstrations. Their support was further highlighted by their sponsorship of our event banners. The Singtel team also contributed to our event by showcasing their amazing balloon sculpting skills to our attendees.

We were humbled by the presence and support of members from Grab, National Taxi Association, and Eagles Car club. They showed their solidarity by participating in the car wash and helping to spread the word about our event. The ITE Central Events Management Club deserves special mention for their tireless efforts in coordinating games, food and merchandise booths, as well as assisting with the event’s decoration, setup, and tear down.

Sofitel made a valuable contribution by sponsoring delicious treats such as egg tarts, puffs, and bottled water, adding to the enjoyment of our attendees. We also want to express our gratitude to the stall holders from YFC and external vendors who joined us, offering a delightful variety of cookies, biscuits, snacks, and drinks.

The liveliness of the event was captured through our livestreams, with Day 1 led by Marcus Chin and his team of talented livestreamers. On Day 2, the ITE Events Management Club’s livestream team took over, conducting virtual interviews with VIPs, SADeaf’s Excos (Lay Hong, Ee Kean, Mun Kai etc), stall holders, and volunteers. We were honored to have Mountbatten SMC MP Mr. Lim Biow Chuan and his team participate in the car wash, supporting our cause and enjoying the carnival stalls and games.

Overall, the event was a fantastic celebration of community spirit and support for the Deaf community. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who played a part in making this event a resounding success. Your contributions have made a lasting impact and will enable us to continue providing valuable services and support to the Deaf community. Thank you for your unwavering support, and we look forward to more memorable events in the future.

Kindly visit this link to view our Car Wash and Carnival Photos:


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