Enrichment Course Programme

Basic Sign Communication Course

We introduce Basic Sign Communication which is denoted as BSC in short. It was developed in early 2014 based on the version of Sign Exact English (SEE).

BSC is only offered as an enriching course.

For BSC, you will use most of signs and follow local signs used by the Deaf Community  as well as standardize signs for daily communications for those who  know English Language and SEE.

BSC will help to build a vocabulary of signs for daily communications. It cannot be used to replace SEE2 though BSC may be suitable for those who want to sign in English language.


No test or examination are held for BSC.  Only a Certificate of Attendance will be presented to participants upon  completion of BSC course, with at least 75% attendance.

 If you wish to go deeper into the sign language world, Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) course is highly recommended.

Course Title Duration & Length Course Fee

24 hours (once a week)

8 lessons x 3 hours

Member: $95

Non-member: $100

 Classes are conducted at SADeaf.

 Key Outcomes
 You will:
 Gain insight into the inner workings of Deaf people and the Deaf community and the diverse people within it

  •  Gain confidence and knowledge about Deaf issues and support services available
  •  Build understanding that promotes positive communication and experiences
  •  Deepen your understanding of how access for Deaf people can be improved

 – At least 16 years old
– Class size must be minimum number of 10 participants


Foreign Sign Language Course

Have you always wanted to learn a different sign language? The Foreign Sign Language Course will give you the opportunity to learn! You will be able to make new friends with Deaf people from different countries.

We offer the following foreign sign language courses, depending on the instructor’s availability.

•  Japanese Sign Language (JSL) • International Sign (IS)
Japanese Sign Language (JSL) is used by the Deaf community in Japan. The symbols and usage of JSL draw heavily from its roots in Japanese culture. It has many signs unique to Japan. International Sign is a contact sign used, particularly at international meetings such as the World Federation of the Deaf congress, events such as the Deaflympics, in video clips produced by Deaf people and watched by other Deaf people from around the world, and informally when travelling and socialising.

Note: International Sign is not a language. The sign can be adjusted based on the understanding between signers.

Participants must know Singapore Sign Language or other local sign systems such as Signing Exact English or Pidgin Sign English

Visual Gestural Communication, Fingerspelling, Camp and others can be arranged upon request.


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