You can download the constitution here.



We have had three Deaf Dialogue sessions so far – in which members of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community come together to discuss issues pertaining to accessibility, education, employment and healthcare.


You can download the Deaf Dialogue 2012 report here.



Find out more about SgSL from this comprehensive Wikipedia article!



SADeaf worked on a report to tie in with the National Enabling Masterplan 2011-2016 which focuses on the needs of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community in Singapore, identifies gaps and proposes solutions. This was submitted to the authorities in 2012.


You can download the Mini Enabling Masterplan by SADeaf here.




Please note these groups and organisations in Singapore are either independently run or managed by their own parent bodies. They are not affiliated or linked to SADeaf (unless otherwise stated), though SADeaf partners and works with some of them in various ways.


» Deaf Dragons, founded in 2012, is a dragon boat team made up of mostly Deaf and hard-of-hearing paddlers. It has taken part in numerous dragon boating competitions in Singapore and overseas. Find out more at its Facebook page!


» Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Federation Singapore (DHHFS) is “a non-profit,  Arts
and Advocacy Federation managed by, for and of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Singaporeans”.

Friend DHHFS at their Facebook page and celebrate Deaf arts with them!


» Deaf Sports Association (Singapore) is the national body for sports relating to the Deaf community, promoting sports excellence, participation and competition in regional and international sports championships. Head over to its website and Facebook page for more details!


» ExtraOrdinary Horizons (EO Horizons) was established in 2011. It is “a social enterprise run by Deaf with its vision to create an inclusive society where the disadvantaged attain confidence in their own abilities.” Check out its website!


» Hush TeaBar – ”Hush.A Silent TeaBar.From Rush to Hush. Bringing awareness and silence to every workplace, with a cup of tea.” Intrigued? Find out more about the art of a silent tea break at its website.


» Hearing Impaired (Hi!) Club at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, formed in 1997, aims to “unite the hearing and our non-hearing counterparts”, offers sign language courses for its students and puts up song-signing and sign language drama performances. Check out its website!


» Redeafination, set up in 2008, is “an independent hip hop dance club for the Deaf. Redeafination aims to promote Deaf awareness as well as to nurture and develop performing arts talents within the Deaf community.” Hop over to its website to find out more!


» Silent Dragon is “a recreational dragon boat team set up by a group of deaf and hearing paddlers in February 2006 to promote friendship and understanding between the two communities. The team trains once a week, focusing on the learning journey and enjoying the friendships forged during training and races. For more information, just drop an email!”


» Singapore Deaf Youth Section (SDYS) was set up in late 2014, and is the official SADeaf group for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing youth. It aims to groom them to be the future leaders of the community. For youths aged 18 to 35, SDYS organises activities and outings, workshops and camps. If you love networking, socialising, and are eager for fun and adventure, it wants you! Find out more at its Facebook!


» SP Sign Language Club is “a student CCA club within Singapore Polytechnic which aims to create an inclusive society for the deaf by equipping members – both hearing and non-hearing – with the ability to communicate through a common language.” SP students, go to its Facebook page!


» Social Group for the Deaf (SGD), established in April 2015, is a group under SADeaf which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among the Deaf community. It hopes to encourage the active participation of our Deaf members through various activities such as cycling, cooking contests, adventure trips, brisk walking, traditional games and baking courses. Do check out its Facebook page for details on upcoming and exciting activities!


» Touch Silent Club (TSC) provides a range of services to Deaf persons, including social integration activities, job placement and support, and financial assistance. For more information, browse over to its website.


» The Ministry of the Hearing Impaired (MHI) runs “a Drop-In-Centre (MHI Centre) to provide deaf and hard of hearing children, youths, adults a place to meet, study together, fellowship with one another and engage in healthy and meaningful activities.” Get in touch with them here!


» The Regular Service Project for the Hearing Impaired (RSPHI), which is under the wing of the NTU Welfare Services Club, has been running various activities and programmes for the community since 1991. It provides a tuition service and organises camps. Find out more at its website!