Our members feel a sense of belonging to our close-knit community and are die-hard supporters of our work and mission. Whether you are a hearing person who is new to the world of the Deaf (and want to learn more about Deaf culture and sign language), or a Deaf person seeking to join the community, or a hard-of-hearing person who wishes to advocate for greater accessibility – we welcome all of you!


Types of Memberships

We offer various memberships for different groups and ages.


Ordinary Membership ($15 per year):
Only for Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are over the age of sixteen years


Life Membership ($150 one-time payment):
For Ordinary Members who have been members of the Association for at least five years.

Corporate Membership ($500):

For business organisations.


Associate Membership ($30 per year):
For non-Singapore citizens over the age of sixteen years.

Junior Membership ($5 per year):

For deaf and hard-of-hearing Singapore citizens and permanent residents under the age of sixteen years.


Membership Benefits
As a famous saying goes – membership has its privileges! Both deaf and hearing persons can apply to our member. As a member of SADeaf, you will receive a membership card and enjoy the following benefits:


» Ordinary and Life Members have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Association and to stand for election to the Executive Council
» Free copies of Signal newsletter (half-yearly) and Annual Report
» 20 sessions of free sign language interpretation annually (for Deaf/hard of hearing Life and Ordinary members only)
» 20 sessions of free note-taking services annually (for Deaf/hard of hearing Life and Ordinary members only)
» Discount on sign language course fee
» Free annual hearing test
» Discount on Sivantos hearing aids and accessories such as batteries
» Free hearing aids (limited stock and subject to assessment for suitability – please email the Audiology Manager for queries or to make an appointment)
» Eligible to sign up for exclusive mobile service plans by StarHub and M1.
» Participate in the Association’s events for free or at discounted rates, if applicable
» The collaboration withTown Hall Dental Pte. Ltd. (THDS) allows members of the SADeaf to access to various dental services from THDS and its partnering branches. Find out more at the link (new)


Note: If you have hearing loss and are visiting SADeaf for the first time, and do not have an audiogram or doctor’s certification of deafness, we offer a hearing test service at our Hearing Care Centre for $15.


You are also encouraged to join SADeaf as a member; in doing so, the hearing test fee will be waived for the hearing test service. The membership subscription fee is $15 per annum and you will enjoy membership benefits as well.



The following membership information sheets and forms can be downloaded here:


» Membership Information & FAQ
» Membership Application
» Membership Renewal
» Membership Update
» Replacement of Membership Card
» What are the differences between being a client and being a member?



Payment is by cash or cheque only.


The cheque should be made payable to “The Singapore Association for the Deaf”. Please mail the completed registration form and cheque to: The Singapore Association for the Deaf, 227 Mountbatten Road, Singapore 397998.


For cash payment, please register and pay at SADeaf during working hours.




Mondays to Fridays:
8.30am to 1pm and
2pm to 5.30pm


We are open from 8.30am to 12.30pm on the eves of public holidays (ie. 24 December, 31 December and eve of Lunar New Year)


Closed on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and public holidays



If you have any queries, please email us or call/SMS 9226 7637.


For queries about application status or date of issue of card, please see the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) SECTION at the bottom right.