National Day Celebration (A Gift for Singapore – Song Signing Remotely Project)

National Day Celebration (A Gift for Singapore – Song Signing Remotely Project)

The Singapore Association for the Deaf is spearheading this first ever project of having 55 signers using Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) to sign a song remotely online in line with social distancing measures during this Covid-19 period.  Why 55 signers? To celebrate Singapore’s 55th Anniversary. 

Stay tunned for the full video!

Happy 55th Birthday, Singapore!

This project showcases the beauty and versatility of SgSL through song-signing, and to create interest among the public to learn about Deaf Culture and sign language, and raising Deaf awareness.

The song is entitled “Reach Out for the Skies” by Taufik Batisah and Lu Rui En, our local singers, with music by Elaine Chan and lyrics by Selena Tan, both of whom are from Dream Academy Productions Pte Ltd.  This song was written as a theme song for National Day 2005 and we thank Dream Academy Productions Pte Ltd for the kind permission granted in the use of this song.  

During this COVID-19 situation, many passionate participants joined in this project remotely. They are Deaf and hearing participants and volunteers from the Singapore Association for the Deaf, polytechnics and university.  They have learnt sign language and applied sign language to do this song signing.

Participants spent a month learning and practising through online platforms. They went through many rehearsals together, guided by the trainers from our volunteer group, Signifique

The Singapore Association for the Deaf would like to thank all our participants from the bottom of our hearts. Specially, they are:

1 Abigail Cheung Wing Yiu
2 Alison Cheng Sue-Min
3 Chan Jun Heng
4 Chia Kim Tat
5 Chia Rui Ying
6 Chiu Yan Yu
7 Chong Sher Ney
8 Chua Ru Yuan
9 Clarissa Sim Shi En
10 Daryl Wang Jiale
11 Er Puay Puay
12 Gelene Toh Qiao Wen
13 Gina Tan Shin Yi
14 Glenn Lee Sheng En
15 Goh Yan Hui
16 Goo Li Keng
17 Gophi Nathan
18 James Ong
19 Jessica Lim Jiaying
20 Joanne Lim Tze Yen
21 Justin Yeo Wei Jie
22 Kat Ng See Lai
23 Kelly Ng Sze Yin
24 Kwan Seing Fong
25 Leon Woo
26 Lim Zhi Chiaw
27 Lok Xin Yu
28 Low Hui Yu
29 Low Wei Yan
30 Mae Teo Kah Bee
31 Maureen Aquino
32 Meerashree Goel
33 Natalie Koh Yin Wei
34 Neo Hock Sik
35 Neo Yin Jie
36 Nicole Lee
37 Noreen Taha
38 Nurhidayah Bte Yazid
39 Nurul Shaheedah Bte Rahmat
40 Pang Jia Yan Germaine
41 Pet Tan
42 Peter Im Wai Hoe
43 Poh Gek Hiang
44 Poh Huan Rong
45 Salmah Ibrahim
46 Sandy Phang
47 Shalini Gidwani
48 Shannon Lee Xin Ying
49 Shellia Oktavina
50 Shireen Yeo Shi Yun
51 Sun Wenhao
52 Suzanne Lim Tze Yin
53 Vanessa Tai Ying Hui
54 Vincentia
55 Yvonne Goh Min Rui

Special thanks, once again to Dream Academy Productions Pte Ltd for granting the use of the song for this project!   

Through the effort of our 55 participants, we appeal to your generosity to donate towards the cause of people with hearing loss. Your donation towards this campaign will be granted a dollar-for-matching with Tote Board and the government. SADeaf is a registered charity and an Institutions of A Public Character (IPC); hence, all donations to SADeaf entitles you to a 2.5 times tax deduction. The more you donate, the greater your tax deduction. Thank you for your kind donations and great support during this Covid-19 period!  

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