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SGSecure Talk by SADeaf: Police explained counter-terrorism messages through sign language

Publication: Shin Min Daily News
Date: 8 April 2018
Reported by: Low Choon Chyuan
Translated by: Jinhua Kuek

For the first time, the Singapore Police Force held an SGSecure talk at the Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf). Through a sign language interpreter, they explained counter-terrorism messages to more than 60 Deaf and Hard-of-hearing attendees.

This event, co-organised by SADeaf and Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre, was held at SADeaf premise at Mountbatten Road yesterday afternoon. Tailored for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community for the first time, the event aimed to provide SADeaf members important counter-terrorism messages.

The presenter reminded attendees to be wary of suspicious characters and objects, and to “run, hide, tell” in the event of a terror attack. The attendees were also taught how to do CPR. Staff members from SADeaf gave simultaneous sign language interpretation on stage at the same time.

More than 60 Deaf and Hard-of-hearing attendees took part in the talk. Many of them raised their hands and asked questions to the police officers present.

One of the attendees, pharmacist assistant Jenny Yeo, 57, told Shin Min Daily News through sign language: “I rarely have the chance to learn about such counter-terrorism information in the past, so I am very glad to participate in today’s event and I learnt a lot.”

Another attendee, 54-year-old accountant Ms Teo, said: “I will share what I learnt today with my family and friends.”

SADeaf Executive Director Sylvia Teng told Shin Min Daily News: “The Deaf and Hard-of-hearing individuals are just as vulnerable as others in times of crisis. Many important counter-terrorism messages were conveyed in this talk, which will better prepare them to handle crisis.”

Notetakers help the Deaf “hear” the world

Notetakers help the Deaf “hear” the world

Headline: Notetakers help the Deaf “hear” the world

Publication: Lianhe Zaobao
Date: 4 March 2018, Sunday
Reported by: Choy Xin Ying
Translated by: Jinhua Kuek

Standfirst: Mr Yeo Wei Yong has worked at the Singapore Association for the Deaf for nearly three years. To help the Deaf understand their lessons, he uses a laptop computer and a wireless keyboard to transcribe everything he has heard, including lesson contents and small group discussions.

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2nd Advisory Report from PTC

The 1st Advisory Report published in August 2016 had 17 recommendations for an improved transport experience for various commuter groups. All recommendations were accepted by LTA and will be implemented progressively.

This year, the Advisory Report reveals a deeper and richer understanding of our commuters’ voices, with a focus on our rail system. We sought to understand their preferences across different rail lines; their willingness to be engaged, involved and to contribute. Click below to access PTC’s 2nd Advisory Report and uncover the story of our SG commuters from the ground.

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Appointment of new Executive Director

SADeaf wishes to announce the appointment of Ms Sylvia Teng as its Executive Director with effect from 1 March 2016.

Ms Teng was an ex-banker with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). During her stint with SCB, she held two portfolios – Branch Network Strategy and Service Performance. Her responsibilities included spearheading and project managing the Qualifying Full Banking* (QFB) project which involved implementation of US$15 million project throughout its branch network and Service Performance of SCB’s counter staff; responsibilities included recruitment, training, appraisals and counselling of 133 bank tellers.

She has previously held senior and management positions with Singapore Airlines (Leading Stewardess), listed company – Builders Shop Pte Ltd (Senior Manager), Director of several local SMEs and most recently founded a Social Enterprise in 2014.

* Full banking licence awarded by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).