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Special needs teacher grateful for healthcare benefits

Ms Barbara D’Cotta, a special needs teachers from SADeaf is featured during the Budget Speech. Find out about her story at

Channel 8 Stories: Stephy Hg


Stephy Hg lost her sense of hearing after a high fever when she was young. However, it did not stop her from living her life in a positive manner. 8 years ago, she even became a make-up artist. Although she faced many challenges in life, she believes that “I can do it too!”

Click on the video link:

Turn it down! Millennials’ music habit puts their hearing at risk

A generation of music-lovers are damaging their hearing with audio players that do not limit dangerously high noise levels, the U.N. health agency said on Tuesday.

Read more at–millennials–music-habit-puts-their-hearing-at-risk–un-11235568

Change in service fees (Interpretation and Notetaking)

Due to rising operational costs, The Singapore Association of the Deaf (SADeaf) will formally introduce changes to the existing service rates that have remained the same for over 20 years.

The change will take effect from April 2019.

Prevailing rates:

Service requested from Fee
per hour
Minimum hours
| Minimum Fee
Affiliates (such as SSD and MVS) $10 3 hours | $30
SADeaf Staff
Registered Client
Registry of Marriages $10 2 hours | $20
Voluntary Welfare Organisations $20 2 hours | $40
Government Boards $30 2 hours | $60
Syariah Court
State / Family Courts
Unregistered Individual
Tourist $50 2 hours | $100


New Rates:

Service requested from Minimum Fee for first 2 hours Fee for subsequent 30min blocks
Affiliates (such as SSD and MVS) $20 $5 per 30min
SADeaf Staff
Registered Client
Voluntary Welfare Organisations $60 $15 per 30min
Institutes of Higher Learning (New Category) $80 $20 per 30min
Medical (New Category)
Government Boards & Agencies
Syariah Court
State / Family Courts
Unregistered Individual
Tourist $100 $25 per 30min

Lighting Up Hearts with Rebecca Lim

What will you be doing to create memories with your loved ones this festive season?

Meet one of our Deaf talents – Ms See Hai Shu, who believes in paying it forward!

Being deaf has never gotten in the way of Haishu’s passion to help others. It was Christmas 12 years ago when she first felt moved to sponsor a child. This year, she joined a World Vision trip to Mongolia to meet her sponsored child. Like many child sponsors, Haishu showed us that indeed, love transcends all boundaries!
Will you join her to let light shine for vulnerable children this Christmas?

The link to Haishu’s passion to help others is:

Special thanks to Amirah Osman from The Singapore Association for the Deaf for the interpretation!


Congratulations to Adrian Low on receiving the long-service award from the Peninsula Excelsior in 2017, and being the FDAWU-SHA 2018 Employee of the Year Award

“Despite my disability, I’m glad that I am still able to pursue a fulfilling career in the housekeeping department and contribute to someone’s happiness.” – Adrian Low, Room Attendant

Read Adrian’s full story at


It Changed My Life: Youth camp taught her to be proudly Deaf and aim high

She lost her hearing at the age of three after an illness, but that did not stop high-achieving Low Jarn May from doing well academically and completing her ACCA in 4 1/2 years, as well as establishing her career as a chartered accountant, alongside championing causes for the deaf community around the world, and starting a family.

For more info, please click on the link