For those who wish to pursue SEE, we introduce Basic Sign Communication which is denoted as BSC in short. It was developed in early 2014 based on signs from SEE2 (2nd version of Sign Exact English).

BSC is only offered as an enriching course.

For BSC, most of signs originated from SEE2 but they have been modified to follow local signs used by the Deaf Community and to standardize signs for daily communications.

BSC will help to build a vocabulary of signs for daily communications. It cannot be used to replace SEE2 though BSC may be suitable for those who want to sign English.



However, no test or examination is given. Only a Certificate of Attendance will be given to you after the completion of BSC course with at least 75% attendance.

 If you want to go deeper in the sign language world, Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) is highly recommended.



Course Title Duration & Length Course Fee

24 hours (once a week)

8 lessons x 3 hours

Member: $95

Non-member: $100


 24 hours (twice a week)

12 lessons x 2 hours

Member: $95

Non-member: $100



– At least 16 years old

– Class size shall be minimum number of 10 participants




Terms and Conditions

  1. Course fees and cost of resource publications are subject to change.
  2. Course fees will not be refunded once classes have commenced.
  3. Course fees and cost of dictionaries are subject to change.
  4. Class commencement is subject to having the minimum number of participants and the availability of an instructor.
  5. The Singapore Association for the Deaf reserves the right to reject an application without reason.
  6. Transfer to the next available course will not be made should a student fail to complete the course.
  7. The Certificates of Attendance is an indication of the students’ communication competence level and do not in qualify them to become sign language instructors.












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