1st Annual General Meeting & Election Day for Singapore Deaf Youth Section

Dear Deaf Youths,


The AGM & Election day is postponed from 12th August to 14th October 2017


Date: Saturday, 14th October 2017
Time: 3pm – 5pm
Venue: SADeaf Hall


Only Deaf Life and Ordinary Members aged between 18 years to 35 years old are eligible to vote in this election.


Ordinary members who have not renewed their membership and deaf youths who have not applied for membership by 13th July 2017 are NOT allowed to participate in the election. They are encouraged to renew their membership now.


The proposer and seconder must be registered members. Rationale for the nominations must be provided.


Nomination forms must be submitted to the Election Officer before 12:00 noon on Monday, 25th September 2017. The nomination form is available at the link: http://sadeaf.org.sg/wp-co…/uploads/SDYS-nomination-form.pdf


Please check your email, SADeaf website and Facebook for more details and further announcements if any.


Refreshment will be provided.


Please bring along your SADeaf membership card.

Find out more about the video announcement at the link: https://youtu.be/V2J_6tXs4K0