Invitation to Participate in Study on Redhill MRT

The Redhill MRT Station initiative, led by the LTA, is seeking to make Redhill station a prototype station for inclusiveness.  LTA together with SgEnable has embarked on a study to understand the pain points of persons with disabilities in taking the public transport, using the Redhill MRT station and also wayfinding from the station to the Enabling Village (EV).  Through this study, LTA is hoping to improve the accessibility of the Redhill MRT station (which could pave the way to improve the other stations) and the navigation from Redhill MRT station to the EV.

To represent the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community, we would like to invite 6 participants from SADeaf to join us in this study. The study will be led by PSD (Public Service Division) who are lending their expertise in the design framework and will be supported by SG Enable and LTA.

The format of the study will take 2 forms:
1) Participants will travel from their home to the EV. During this journey, there will be trained staff from PSD or LTA to shadow these participants to observe the entire journey. There will also be an SG Enable staff to support each shadowing.
2) Focus group discussion with the participants regarding the journey when they reach the EV with the help of an interpreter.

We have scheduled the study to take place on 14 Jul morning with the following details:
– PSD/LTA shadower to arrive at participant’s home at agreed time.
– 10am: arrive at EV (light snack will be provided)
– 10am to 11 am: focus group discussion
– 11am to 12noon: community programme for participants
– 12noon to 130pm: lunch

We are seeking volunteers from our community to participate in this initiative. Let’s help to make Singapore more inclusive!

Sign Language interpretation will be provided.

Registration is limited to 6 deaf participants. Those who are interested can register at